Pricing Details & Inclusions

The Terrain Events team works closely with our couples to make your dream celebration come to life at a reasonable cost. We have pricing options for all budgets, and increased flexibility based on event type, seasonality, same-year bookings, weekday celebrations, and unique wedding styles. Our team always executes the highest quality of our services, including our signature terrain catering, stylized venues, and support leading up to your special event.


Seasonal Wedding Dates

Celebrate your special day between January and March to take advantage of our reduced rates duirng this enchanting time of year. Significantly save on your site-fee, catering, and open bar by up to $22 per person, and save between $1,000 - $1,500 on your site fee.


Same-Year Bookings

If you’re flexible on your wedding date, consider booking within the same (current) calendar year to discover exclusive savings ranging from $1,000 - $2,000, depending on your number of guests. Thanks to our experienced events team, and a decade in the industry, we’ve even successfully planned events in under 3 weeks.


Day of the Week Pricing + Wedding Styles

Inquire for more information about our Micro Weddings welcoming up to 50 adult guests, Sunday Brunch Winter Weddings, and weekday weddings.


Site Fee

For ease of planning, we bundled our site fee into one singular fee that covers the venue space, arrival space, ceremony space, chairs, tables, dance floor, etc. The pricing is based on the number of hours you want for your wedding. This rental time does not include early arrival; we offer this complimentary. The site rental time is measured from the start of your ceremony to the end of your reception. 

*Guest count minimums apply throughout the year.